Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Nature’s Peace in Distress…


The dove sat inside flapping her wings perturbed,
Unsettling thoughts plaguing her,
Oh, how she yearned, from her cage, to be free,
To fly free over the lands, and the mountains and the sea.

“Why?!” she thought hopelessly, “is man so cruel?
With no enmity or qualms,
He cages me and my kin,
For sheer greed or pleasure, he commits this sin!

Has he no compassion ever,
For birds and beasts so beautiful?
To us, has he no responsibility?
In our utter despair, what gain has he?

Oblivious is he of our necessities,
In his false pride and honour,
No empathy, honesty, kindness or truth
My dear Mother Nature unconscious and mute!

He walks free, like he owns this land,
He cuts our trees, contaminates the air,
Because of him Nature dying in vain,
He cares not whatsoever, as she lies slain!

Oh Dear Man! I appeal to you!
Freedom is not enjoyed alone,
To be free you must know your duty,
You slaughter Nature and strip her of her beauty!

For all this tyranny and cruelty, Hear!
You’ll regret it now and forever.
In her fury you’ll lose who are dear,
You and your kin shall all perish of fear!

Of humility, harmony, honesty, dedication,
What I need now is to fly free in jubilation!
That will be indeed a cause for celebration,
For that will be your moment of Emancipation…”

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