Friday, 6 September 2013

Colours and Styles, Galore!

The age-old art of applying Mehndi received an impetus at GSFS, with the ladies of the nine-month batch taking part in the Hairstyle and Mehndi competition, on 31 August 2013. Given just an hour to do up their partner’s hair, and to apply Mehndi on their own hands, they came out with extraordinary henna designs and hairstyles. 

On stage, bedecked in various colours and styles, one could see a variety of hairstyles, ranging from Chinese and Korean buns to Bollywood and contemporary ones. Their hands and forearms, coloured in deep brown hues, boasted of a range of Mehndi designs: flowers, peacocks, whorls and geometric ones.

Let’s just say that the distinguished judges and dignitaries had a tough time announcing the winner, as all the participants vied for the top position.

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