Saturday, 26 October 2013

Founder’s Day 2013 @ GSFS

The Founder President Dr P. C. Thomas’s birthday was celebrated at GSFS, on 14 October 2013. After week-long preparations, the staff and students were all set for the first ever birthday celebration that was going to happen on the campus. 
The beautiful birthday cake was baked in the shape of the GSFS campus. A greeting in the shape of a suit to represent ‘the Man’ himself, was presented to Sir. Along with family members and his close friends, he was welcomed to the music of “Happy Birthday”. 
He was overwhelmed to see the preparations and decorations by the students and the fruits of their effort. Listening to poems recited in Sir’s name, and songs sung, Dr P.C. Thomas was touched as he got to take a very precious trip down the memory lane.

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