Tuesday, 26 November 2013

The Media of Life…

- Uma Sripathi
Life is but a drama stage,
The actors - us - of every age,
We each have a role to play,
Some parts to do, Some lines to say,
When our role ends, We're unaware of,
But we've got to strive, Oh yes it's tough!

A job well done receives a reward,
The director of the play is none but God.
He writes the sequence and when it's done,
He introduces new characters one by one.

When He's satisfied, when time has come,
He calls them back to where they come from,
To fulfill his promise that he had given,
To his place - a place called heaven.

The tired actors graciously go,
Just walk out of the exit door.
Perhaps to remember and witness from above,
The paths they tread and the ones they love,
While remaining actors try to play their part,
And wonder how a new day to start....

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