Saturday, 9 December 2017

The magic touch of Good Shepherd Finishing School

“Our vision is to see our daughters soar high and reach the sky. We give them power under their wings so that they may fly.”

With society undergoing transformational changes and opening up ever newer vistas for girls and young women, the scope and role of the traditional Finishing school has also undergone sea changes. Earlier, finishing schools were focused primarily on educating young ladies belonging to the upper crusts of society, on social graces, etiquettes and social skills to meet the image that society had created for them and to play out their defined roles. While vestiges of that still remain, now women are more in the forefront of every conceivable social and professional arena and stretching themselves beyond the defined stereotypes. Today she is juggling multiple roles from managing home and community, managing organizations to steering new initiatives as entrepreneurs and becoming role models. In this increasingly interconnected world, future employers would demand candidates who are able to engage with complex issues from multiple perspectives. She is therefore managing herself and her time to adapt to the rapid changes of a globally connected world to carry out her multiple roles. Right from the time when the little girl takes her first step and learns to make her way into the world, she’s shaped by the coaching and experiences of her elders and peers throughout her formative years. If she gets a holistic environment and the required infrastructure where she can learn, practice and master the numerous skills which would empower her to hold her own and make a mark in any event or any occasion of life, she is then ready to take on the world and play her roles with élan.

How does GSFS help in this transformation? At GSFS we attempt to transform the girl into a poised, confident, elegant, articulate and socially equipped young lady. She learns the art of self-presentation, protocol, etiquettes and social graces to help handle every interaction in every social setup with poise and confidence. She masters the skill of communication and public speaking to shine as a leader in any social or organizational setting. Her knowledge of a foreign language, ability to converse on wide ranging topics in various cultural settings become her assets in a globally connected world. She is prepared for success in her chosen career with sessions in career guidance by experienced counsellors with knowledge of current market conditions and different products and services. She is equipped with team building skills to enable her to shine in her role as a high profile Corporate Executive or a Social Trailblazer. Her confidence of managing her home and family comes from her knowledge of her own strengths and its relevance to the upliftment of her community and the world. Her knowledge of food preparation, balanced diet and nutrition would enable her to nurture a healthy family and make her equally deft at planning a party or a business lunch. She’s trained to not only nurture the home and family but also generate employment opportunities by starting her own business or joining the family business. With opportunities to learn sports like squash and golf, participate in health and fitness regimen like yoga and aerobics, learn professional grooming and beauty therapy from experts, she understands that good habits ensure a good life. She’s also well informed on mother and child care, family planning, first-aid, health, hygiene and safety. Her knowledge of art, craft and music and the finer things of life makes her a very well rounded person who knows how to make the best out of her own life as well as be a role model for others to follow. From a young, naïve and inexperienced girl, she has now turned into a poised and confident lady who’s ready to rise up and face each challenge and opportunity that life offers her.

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