Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Freedom and responsibility...

 - Devsurabhee Yaduvanshi

  A rare phenomenon,
  Gift of god;
  This discretion, freedom,
  With care I plod…

  To fly into the horizon,
  Not a care in the world;
  Loving someone,
  Despite stones hurled...

  Choices innumerable,
  Endless possibilities;
  Life a fable,
  Filled with responsibilities...

  All that I can do,
  Is my freedom;
  What does ensue?
  Responsibility the sum...

  Ready most are not,
  To accept the consequences;
  Haven't we often sought,
  Extremely easy ways?

  Hand in hand,
  Partners unconditionally;
  Creator must have planned,
  Freedom and Responsibility...

  Rarest phenomenon,
  This gift from God;
  My discretion freedom,
  With care I plod... 

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