Friday, 30 August 2013

Poised for Success

- Uma Sripathi

“What is Protocol?” she asked. “A set of rules to be followed,” the students replied. “What, according to you are Social Graces?” she asked. And we replied, “Social Graces refer to the way we behave among people of the society.”

The Protocol and Social Graces Workshop was conducted for the 3 months and 9 months Finishing School students on 13 August 2013 by the Dean, GSFS. She organised a very interesting session for the students. Topics such as health, hygiene, poise, social behavior were discussed as part of the workshop. 

A young child imbibes “manners” from parents and those around him. Parents are their first teachers, and family is where children are loved and encouraged when they do something good, and are reprimanded when they do something negative. Each child is moulded step by step, and by the time the children are in their mid teens, the habits they absorb from home, school and college define their character.

‘How to behave like a lady’ – this topic was explained to us, later in the day towards the end of the workshop. We understood the importance of being elegant and graceful. The word ‘Elegance’ was expanded thus: Exemplary Life Enjoyed Gaining And Nurturing Common Existence.

The success of the workshop can be found in the fact that the students started adopting methods and practices, just as quickly as it was taught to them. After all, an elegant and graceful woman with an impeccable personality is the secret of every good society.

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