Saturday, 17 August 2013

The Caged Bird Weeps

- Sailesha Banskota

A bird in a cage, weeps every day,
and praying to be free...
I just thought for awhile,
what if, it was me??
Even when I just Gave a thought
it was so painful that
i wanted to make his life beautiful...
I wanted him to have an amazing Life,
with two cute children;
and his sweet wife...
Who would always be in his difficult times…
But still he ask god what was his crime
for this punishment of mine....

How can somebody be so cruel?
How can somebody be so heartless??
To snatch his freedom!!
How can somebody make him so Lonesome?

Is that humanity?
I ask how can you be so fake?
Please! Let him get freedom,
for heaven sake!
And let him move out of his cage,
so that he's able to start a new life,

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