Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Art, according to me…

- Ashmika Sihare

Creativity is an invention of art. Art is not just to paint or just to sketch. It is a medium to express, to feel, to enjoy... for me art is an expression. Art plays the role of a communicator. The one who sees or buys a painting, imitates and tries to understand the thought behind the creation of an artwork. It can be a painting, poem, drama, dance, a piece of music, an illustration or anything that attracts us in any manner.

There should not be any limitation of a person or an artist in expressing their views in front of others. But this doesn’t mean that we portray any negative message to the society. Our message or purpose of making art should be progressive for the society.

We can also depict our own views on any subject. For example, I love to learn about various dance forms. So I portray different dance forms in my paintings shows my interest and my knowledge about it. Similarly, you should have some views or information about the subjects you choose. 

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