Sunday, 29 September 2013

A Parody? A Paradox…

- Uma Sripathi

Her first cry brings joy to the world
Decorations, celebration, sweets
She’s brought home in right honor,
Amongst royal music and drum beats.

She’s taught the way of her palace
And is given dreams of a prince charming,
She waits for her day and goes in grace,
But there? It is alarming!

For all luxury she has lived in,
But no education was given,
A girl was only meant for the house
Her education was forbidden!

She who was a princess at home,
Is treated now worse than a slave!
Inferior she is for a wrong she did not,
Stuck in atrocities from which none can save.

For ignorance or superstition or fear?
We know not why she was kept away
From knowledge oh! So indispensable!
And now she suffers, slowly withering away.

Does she not have a right to know,
To education, writing, reading?
In later life, for no mistake of hers
A Morbid life she is leading!

Devoid of appreciation,
For uneducated is she.
On her own, independent
Has she no right to be? 

Or is it fear that she may outrun
Them who do her wrong,
They cannot contain her abilities, many,
At least, not for long!

She does what is expected of her,
She is dedicated and sharp as a Saber
She is physically strong for all one knows
For she solely undergoes Labour!

She lives to serve selflessly
Cooking, cleaning, chore after chore.
She works – no pride, no complaints or sighs
Though she feels her body sore!

Confusion, Confusion! Housemaid or co-worker?
Ultimately, she is just… a parody!
One family to the other, demands after demands!
Like she has no individuality!

For the undying trust one needs to have
To keep one’s house running, and also the nation,
The least one could do is show her gratitude,
And give her the gift of Education!

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